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Ultralight Outdoor Hammock

Ultralight Outdoor Hammock

Ultralight Outdoor Hammock

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Sometimes, all you want to have is a relaxing day out under the sun in the comfort of your personal hammock, swaying gently in your backyard.

But then, you find yourself itching across your arms and legs, only to realize that you have already filled up the tummies of a few hungry mosquitoes.

Relax in peace with this Ultralight Outdoor Hammock!

  • Portable! - Simply fold the hammock up into its tiny pouch and stuff it into your bag so you can bring it to the campground in the woods or even on vacation!
  • Fend off mozzies! - The built-in mosquito net helps to keep out those bloodthirsty insects so that you can relax in comfort and peace - with no itch!
  • Strong and durable! - This hammock can withstand up to a maximum load of 440 lbs so you can sway away without worrying about the hammock giving way!
  • Breathable! - The slim material allows for air circulation so you won’t feel stuffy and hot as you relax in the hammock!

With this Ultralight Outdoor Hammock, daily camping is no longer as unrealistic as you may think!

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Size: 102.36 x 55.12 inches 

Load: 440.93 lbs

Package includes:

1 x Hammock 

1 x Strap Rope


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