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Unicorn Baby Romper

Unicorn Baby Romper

Unicorn Baby Romper

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Has My Little Pony gotten your baby all obsessed with ponies, horses and even mystical unicorns?

Wouldn't it be amazing if they can look and feel the part while you bask in their cuteness?

Fulfil your baby's wildest dreams with this Unicorn Baby Romper!

  • So cute! - Why settle for plain, boring clothing when you can dress your baby up as a unicorn! It's the perfect outfit for Halloween, a family gathering, or even a picnic!
  • Leave your baby in utmost comfort! - This soft, cotton blend romper will keep your baby feeling comfortable and snug while looking undeniably adorable!
  • No sweat! - The thin cotton material is breathable, so your baby will not feel cooped up, stuffy and hot in this Unicorn Romper!

With this Unicorn Baby Romper, your baby can transform into an adorable unicorn anytime!

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Material: Cotton blend

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