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USB Desk Lamp

USB Desk Lamp

USB Desk Lamp

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Ever had to work or read under a desk lamp with squinted eyes because of the glare from the lamp?

And worse, after you’re done with your work or book, you have this maddening headache from the glare that just doesn’t seem to get better.

However, with this USB Desk Lamp, you will never have to go through all of that ever again!

  • No glare! – The soft light technology of the lamp protects your eyes so that you can use the lamp for an extended period of time without feeling the glare
  • No batteries required! - As long as there is a USB connection, you will never have to worry about the lamp switching off because of drained batteries ever again!
  • Comes with a clip – You can choose to have the lamp standing or clipped to the table if you lack desk space, what's more, the lamp can be clipped to tables up to 5 cm thick!
  • Non-slip! - Decided to stand the lamp on your table? Don't worry about it sliding off the table if you nudge it by accident as the non-slip mat on the bottom will keep it in place
  • Customise your experience – Switch up the brightness with a simple tap of the button and twist the flexible neck to make the lamp one that is designed for you

    With this lamp, you no longer have to work in discomfort!

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    Light bulb: LED

    Warranty: 1 year

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