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USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope

USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope

USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope

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Ever had to endure having your ears blocked because you just can’t seem to get that last bit of earwax out?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually look into your ear and find that final stubborn piece?

Keep your ears squeaky clean with this USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope!

  • Easy to use – Simply plug the Endoscope into your computer, and you can look into your ear in real-time to clean up your ear completely with the ear pick at the end of the endoscope   
  • Personalised for your usage – You can make the LED lamp brighter or dimmer to help you see into your ear canal and all those hard-to-reach places!
  • Multifunctional – This Endoscope can also be used to check on the eardrum, gums, throat and scalp up close as well, so you can always find out the source of discomfort in those inaccessible areas!

With this USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope, you will never have to blindly hunt for that final piece of earwax ever again!

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Connection: For Windows PC, for android system with OTG function
Lens: 5.5mm
Pixel: 0.3MP
Focus distance: 1.5cm
Material: plastic, metal
Pen length: about 15cm
Package size: 23x8.5x3cm
Color: black

Package includes:
1 x Pen Camera
2 x Earpicks
1 x Dust bellows
1 x CD
1 x Manual

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