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Video Recording Stabilizer Dolly

Video Recording Stabilizer Dolly

Video Recording Stabilizer Dolly

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Have you ever found yourself watching an old footage that you have filmed previously, but only to realize that the entire footage is really shaky?

Sigh. If only your hands were more stable… but it is impossible for your videos to be as smooth and stable as compared to those that are professional filmed.

However, with this Video Recording Stabilizer Dolly, there is hope!

You will now be fully-equipped to film videos that are guaranteed to not give you any more headaches because they will not turn out wobbly.

How does it work?

  • Simply attach your device onto the dolly and start recording; additionally the dolly has universal mounting options that is compatible for multiple devices
  • With its roller, it is guaranteed to move smoothly on any flat surfaces (floor, table, pavement etc) - ensuring you your footage capture will not be shaky
  • 11” Articulating arm - gives you room to explore and film videos from various angles
  • Made out of aluminum alloy guarantees durability of the product, making this a great and long term investment

Start capturing stunning and dynamic footages from a whole new different perspective with this Video Recording Stabilizer Dolly.

Feel like a professional; be a professional!

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Platform Material: Aluminum Alloy

Wheels: Plastic + rubber

Wheel-to-wheel distance: 92mm

Body middle width: 50mm

Body middle length:150mm

Platform-to-ground distance: 43mm

Loading Capacity: 10KG

1/4"" male thread for quick installation

Wheel rotation: ± 40 degrees in each axis

11"" Articulating arm

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