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Wooden Elephant Balancing Toy

Wooden Elephant Balancing Toy

Wooden Elephant Balancing Toy

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Did you know there is a strong relation between a child’s early stages of development and the level of success he/she will experience when he/she grows up?

It is important to start developing your child’s motor skills from a young age as it will be beneficial in allowing your child gain greater independence when he/she grows up.

The Wooden Elephant Balancing Toy adapts the montessori approach to cultivate your child’s motor skills where it seeks to develop your child’s interests in learning naturally.

With this toy, your child will be able to learn essential balancing skills which influences the development of his/her motor skills:

  • Fun and practical because it is capable of educating your child as he/she interacts with it, making the toy fun but also beneficial to his/her cognitive development
  • The toy requires your child to pick the wooden sticks up and balance them on the elephant, which is a great activity to help develop and enhance his/her hand-eye coordination
  • Through playing this toy, it allows your child to understand the concept of balance and spatial, as he/she prevents the wooden sticks from falling off
  • The wooden sticks are colorful which enables your child to learn colors and differentiate between them - improving his/her color cognition
  • Durability - it is made out of wood which ensures that the toy is of quality and it will be long-lasting, making this toy a great investment as your future kids can play with it too

The Wooden Elephant Balancing Toy is more than a toy, it is fun yet extremely educational - a great tool for you to spark interests in learning in your child.

The adorable elephant and colorful wooden sticks make the toy exceptionally appealing to your child, which will become your child’s favourite toy!  

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12 x 8 CM

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